Designing for the Real-time visibility across ERP, EOM and SCM
  • In-transit and Returns Inventory visibility
  • Product Quality Automation
  • Digital Assets Management and impact of Inventory availability
  • Realtime Inventory update from WMS, Stores, and RLM systems
Inventory Segmentation Design for EOM effectiveness
  • Marrying warehouse inventory segmentation and order fulfillment segmentation
  • Dynamic segmentation to maximize cross channel sales
ERP & SCM Integration Design & Implementation
  • Managing POs, Vendor ASNs and Warehouse ASNs across vendors and systems
  • Effective Integration Design without compromising Warehouse Operational Efficiency
  • Multi system Master Data synchronization design and architecture
  • Multi system inventory synchronization design and architecture
Continuous assessment & improvement of Perfect Order Rate - Strategies for Peak & Non-peak
  • Measure existing processes
  • Understand the multi-channel orchestration
  • Simplify and create sustainable processes
  • Define continuous improvement goals
Designing for the high Inventory Accuracy and Pick Accuracy
  • Sensible Slotting based on defined and clear breakup of inventory mix based on - Cost, velocity, and assortment
  • Define methodical practices for Cycle counting, Automated cycle counting, accurate receiving process, and audits
End to End Analysis across systems, processes and people
  • Improve demand management & sensing across multi channels
  • Gain visibility across channels
  • Combine dynamic, real-time data-driven processes with manufacturing, supplier, and logistics
  • Distributed Order Orchestration