Oracle LogFire Enterprise WMS Rapid Implementation Strategy
  • Pre-designing the operations flow, inventory segmentation, slotting, warehouse automation, and ERP/EOM/OTM/MDM Integration
  • Exploring base and alternate solutions to avoid enhancements in Phase 1
  • Enabling Test automation for full continuous regression testing
  • Implementing enhancements and process improvements in an agile way
  • Implementing Supply Chain Intelligence
Warehouse Automation Design & Implementation
  • WCS, ASRS, A-Frames, Mini Loaders
  • High-bay Shelving, Stacker Cranes, Unit Sorters
  • Pick to Light Systems, Put to Light Systems
  • Cubiscans, Print & Apply Machines, Scales
  • Auto-Boxers, Auto-Baggers, Palletizers, Shipping Sorter
  • Picking Strategies, Voice enabled picking and packing
  • Expertise in live dashboards for sorting and consolidation lanes
  • Order Streaming and auto waves to maximize fulfilment rate
  • Allocation & Replenishment
  • Seamless data flow across facilities - facility to facility transfers
  • Inventory organization and real-time visibility
  • Shipping / Routing Strategy and Rate Shopping
  • Dashboards for decision points
3PL / 4PL - WMS / OTM / Hub / Billing - Design and Implementation
  • Multi Company / BU Operations Flow
  • Cross company rack strategy
  • Activity, Storage  based billing
  • Facility level work force management
  • Company level task management
  • Inbound Consolidation,  Yard Management, Carrier On-boarding
  • Outbound Consolidation, Truck Planning, Loading, Dispatch, EDI Integration
Warehouse Costing Analysis
  • Building, IT Infrastructure, Racking, Automation, Software, Hardware, Equipment, Maintenance, and Operations.
ERP, EOM, MDM/PIM & SCM Integration Design & Implementation
  • Unified abstraction layer integrating multiple systems across technological platforms
  • Scalability, Versatility and low maintenance are the USPs
  • CXO dashboards for strategic decision making
  • Self-sustainable health monitoring and alarming systems
Warehouse Layout, Slotting System Design & Implementation
  • Design green field facilities
  • Slotting for optimized placement of inventory
  • Creative permutations of NA and VNA, maximizing space utilization
  • Maximizing operational efficiency
Labor Management Solutions Design & Implementation (Manhattan and Oracle)
  • Engineering Labor Standards
  • Operational Design Activity & UOM Analysis
  • Throughput Strategy and Labor Planning
  • Live dashboards presenting work force utilization and highlighting blockages
Drones, Robotics and IoT Solutions at Stores and Warehouses
  • Leverage drones on warehouse functions like inventory Audits, Yard Audits, Picking, Restocking
  • Incorporate IoT in store operations, kiosk  and return process