The Client

A Top 5 US Retailer known for tremendous customer service and quality of products.

The company places strong emphasis on

    • building a strong brand by gaining consumer trust
    • and fostering product innovation

Despite overall sales growth due to new products, the client was facing several supply chain issues that were threatening its profitability.

The Engagement with ITO

ITO team engaged all relevant stakeholders to understand their needs to define the ideal state of inventory processing and visibility. Based on the objectives -

    • ITO supported the design and development of new Interfaces (using Tibco and Java web services to communicate messages across different abstraction layers.) to enable interfacing with the new RMS and the older versions of RMS at the same time.
    • ITO Team designed and developed the framework which abstracted WM systems (Manhattan Associates) from the host systems (Oracle RMS), resulting in a seamless inventory flow and hence visibility.
    • ITO provided documents and training to educate the key stakeholders about the impending new design and processes.

The Challenge

The client was facing Supply chain disruptions due to delayed inventory visibility.

The key was to onboard 8 facilities at the same time with new inventory flows to provide near real time inventory visibility.

Process and technology limitations of the Retail Management System were preventing from fully utilizing their core capabilities.

Specifically –

    • The existing file based communication for inventory movements
    • Multiple supply chain solutions existed across multiple vendors with multiple versions
    • Cumbersome, non-scalable interface layers
    • Ecosystem with 50+ Applications to certify

Value Delivered by ITO

Strategic Values

    • Ability to Decommission legacy batch process and file based integration methodologies
    • ITO designed framework - Enhanced Inventory accuracy and put a process to stay for long term at the same time as providing
    • Near real time Inventory visibility
    • A low maintenance integration framework

Monetary Values: ITO ensured -

    • the project completing within budget and time
    • The need for any customizations and maintenance on Retail Management System (RMS) to manage inventory was taken out saving 20% of the current maintenance costs

Why was ITO chosen by the Top 5 Retailer

ITO’s Experience

ITO’s Professionals with over 15+ years in Supply Chain.

ITO’s Skills

ITO’s demonstrated capabilities in integration of systems.

ITOs Team & Leadership

ITO ‘s ability to work as a team with the client and lead the team as and when needed.

ITO’s Value

ITO’s value proposition at a manageable cost.

The Reward

Today ITO is very respected by the Retailer and is continually engaged in further projects delivering value.

The Retailer has made ITO its ‘Preferred’ Vendor for anything supply chain.