The Client

A Top US / Canadian Retailer – the 5th largest department store chain known for apparel , appliances and various merchandise.

The company was moving towards cloud solutions to achieve modernization, better customer experience and supply chain efficiencies.

The Engagement with ITO

ITO team worked with all relevant stakeholders to understand the ERP and SCM goals. Based on the objectives -
    • ITO supported the design and implementation of the NetSuite ERP and Oracle LogFire WMS.
    • ITO configured the NetSuite ERP and WMS.
    • ITO conducted trainingsessions for the ERP users and warehouse associates to educate on the new system and processes.
    • ITO provided round the clock support for the Go Live and Peak periods.

The Challenge

The client was upgrading its ERP and SCM technology and process infrastructure to build a supply chain for the future .

Specifically to this end –

    • The client was Onboarding a new cloud based ERP for their wholesale business and a new Warehouse Management System at their 1million+ sqft facility.
    • Build capability of fulfillment of big ticket and small ticket Orders from smaller consumers as well as stores nationally
    • The entire project was to be completed in 4 months start to finish.

Value Delivered by ITO

ITO’s Support ensured –

    • Rapid design of ERP and WMS
    • Scalable integration solution between NetSuite and WMS
    • Go Live in 4 months
    • Change management

Why was ITO chosen by the Top US / Canadian Retailer


ITO’s Experience

ITO’s Professionals with over 15+ years in Supply Chain.

ITO’s Skills

ITO’s capabilities in Designing ,implementing and supporting ERP and Warehouse Solutions
team (2)

ITOs Team & Leadership

ITO ‘s ability to work as a team with the client IT as well Warehouse Ops and lead the team as and when needed.

ITO’s Value

ITO’s value in accelerating projects for in-time and budget completion

The Reward

Today ITO is well respected and has been engaged by the client for multi–year services – signifying the trust in ITO.