The Client

Various Clients – from a key hospitality group to insurance to medical industry to retail .

The Engagement with ITO

ITO team with architecting experience worked with the client teams to understand the end goals of the digital upgrade. Based on the objectives -

    • ITO supported an accelerated design and development process
    • ITO helped define an innovative technology platform and UX that was flexible and scalable and easy to use incorporating real time content , across various touch points – web and mobile.

The Challenge

The clients needed upgrading to its entire digital chain – technology and process capabilities to enable a smooth and easy to use experience for its customers.

The challenges included -

    • Developing a cloud based infrastructure , supporting cross platform applications
    • Providing a rich and consistent content experience across platforms / multi channels which served as a digital marketing platform for their customers and improve self service capabilities .
    • Establishing real time communication to external sources

Value Delivered by ITO

ITO’s Support ensured –

    • Engaging and intuitive online interactions – cloud based - with consistent and seamless feel between web and mobile -
    • Ios , Android and desktop – multi browser support with response times for over 500 users within 3 secs real time .
    • Real time reporting for business critical transactions .

Why was ITO chosen by various clients

ITO’s Experience

ITO’s Professionals with close to 20 years in architecting and setting up Digital excellence.
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ITO’s Skills

ITO’s capabilities in architecting , Designing and developing across various technology platforms with proven Agile Methodologies.

ITOs Team & Leadership

ITO ‘s ability to work with client teams and absorb their vision to come up flexible and scalable solutions and lead the client teams.

ITO’s Value

ITO’s value in accelerating projects for in-time completion with complex systems.

The Reward

Today ITO is being recognized as a capable player in the Digital world – one who understands clients needs and delivers .