Introduce and implement Oracle WMS (LogFire) - UK based Biotechnology company.

Maintain biochemical product under various storage environments.

Integrate with Oracle ERP and Oracle manufacturing system.

Warehouse set up design, WMS flow design, config and training.


They did not use any WMS prior to the project. They do not have a clear concept on warehouse management.

Biochemical product requires very different storage locations from room temperature, 4℃, -20℃, -80℃ to liquid nitrogen tank.

Biochemical products are usually liquid and stored in vail, which adds difficulty to tracking.

Difficulty in measuring liquid product especially for work order and managing waste.


Visit 8 facilities in US, UK, China and Japan to present WMS basic concept and set up warehouse locations for different storage environment.

Successfully developed hole tracking method to track location of individual vial.

Successfully designed UOM for liquid product, managing waste process and cycle count process to better maintain inventory.

Why was ITO chosen by various clients

ITO’s Experience

ITO’s Professionals with over 15+ years in Supply Chain.
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ITO’s demonstrated capabilities in integration of systems.

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ITO ‘s ability to work as a team with the client and lead the team as and when needed.

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ITO’s value proposition at a manageable cost.

The Reward

Today ITO is very respected by the Retailer and is continually engaged in further projects delivering value.

The Retailer has made ITO its ‘Preferred’ Vendor for anything supply chain.