Reduce the manual testing efforts by Automating the Integration Testing Process

Provide more test coverage by covering all scenarios

Build a Framework that can be used by Business Users


Designing a Process where Business Users can perform Automation


Framework that supports both Technical and Business Users

Reduced the ASN Process Testing from 8 Days to 15 Minutes

Why was ITO chosen by various clients

ITO’s Experience

ITO’s Professionals with close to 20 years in architecting and setting up Digital excellence.
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ITO’s Skills

ITO’s capabilities in architecting , Designing and developing across various technology platforms with proven Agile Methodologies.

ITOs Team & Leadership

ITO ‘s ability to work with client teams and absorb their vision to come up flexible and scalable solutions and lead the client teams.

ITO’s Value

ITO’s value in accelerating projects for in-time completion with complex systems.

The Reward

Today ITO is being recognized as a capable player in the Digital world – one who understands clients needs and delivers .