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Manhattan Associates WMS Design & Implementation (WMi, WMOS and SCALE)

Oracle LogFire Enterprise WMS / Hub Design & Implementation

Ramco “WMS / Billing” Design & Implementation

Mantis “WMS / Billing” Design & Implementation

Manhattan Associates TMS Design & Implementation

Oracle Transportation Solution Design & Implementation

Ivanti Screen Modernization Solution Design & Implementation

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Warehouse Automation Design & Implementation

3PL / 4PL WMS and Billing Design & Implementation

Warehousing Costing Analysis

ERP, MDM/PIM & SCM Integration Design & Implementation

Warehouse Layout, Slotting System Design & Implementation

Labor Management Solutions Design & Implementation (Manhattan and Oracle)

Drones, Robotics and IoT Solutions at Stores and Warehouses


Manhattan Associates WMS Design and Implementation (Wmi, WMOS and SCALE)
  • Wmi Turn Key Upgrades; WMOS Rapid Implementation Strategy ;
  • Smart Receiving; Receiving Packs; Inbound Vendor Quality Audit;
  • Cubiscan; Putaway Strategy; Release Waves and Pre-view Waves;
  • Pick Waves and Pack Waves; Cubing Strategy; 3D Cubing; Order Streaming; Streaming Replenishment; Task Interleaving;
  • Task and Equipment Eligibility; Replenishment Strategy; Tracking LPNs and Packs in Active; Permanent and Dynamic Pick Location Strategy;
  • Combining Orders; Unit Sorter Sortation and Integration Strategy; Pick To Light Strategy; Put To Light Strategy;
  • Pre-Sorting Strategy; ASRS Integration; Bulk Picking Strategy; Pick Cart Planning; Cart Picking; Manual Sortation; Order Consolidation;
  • Retailer Compliance; Pack Slips; Parcel Rate Shopping;
    Parcel Compliance; Outbound Audit;
  • Carton Weighing; Loading; Manifesting; Shipping; Invoicing
Oracle LogFire Enterprise WMS / Hub Design and Implementation
  • Cloud WMS Rapid Implementation Strategy; Smart Receiving;
  • Receiving Cases and Packs; Putaway Strategy; Waves and Wave Groups;
  • Cubing Strategy; Task and Equipment Eligibility;
  • Replenishment Strategy; Reserve to Reserve Replenishment;
  • Active to Active Replenishment; Permanent and Dynamic Pick Location Strategy;
  • Pick To Light Strategy; Put To Light Strategy;
  • ASRS Integration; Bulk Picking Strategy; Pick Cart Planning;
  • Cart Picking; Order Consolidation; FedEx and UPS Direct API Integration;
  • Connect Ship Parcel Integration;
  • Outbound Audit; Carton Weighing; Loading; Manifesting;
  • Shipping; Invoicing;
  • Label Design; Web Report Design
Ramco WMS Design and Implementation
  • Hub Management; Purchase Order Management;
  • Location and Profile Management; Yard Management;
  • Gate Entry; Cross Dock; Inventory Management;
  • Sales Order Management;
  • Zone Strategy; VAS; Rule-based Stock Allocation;
  • System Directed Putaway Strategies;
  • Activity based Billing; Dispatch Planning;
  • Loading Management; Gate Out
Warehouse Automation Design and Implementation
  • MHE; WCS; ASRS; A-Frames; Mini Loaders;
  • High-bay Shelving; Stacker Cranes; Unit Sorters;
  • Pick to Light Systems; Put to Light Systems;
  • Cubiscans; Print & Apply Machines; Scales;
  • Auto-Boxers; Auto-Baggers; Palletizers; Shipping Sorter
Transportation Management Solutions Design and Implementation (Manhattan and Oracle)
  • Inbound Consolidation; Appointment Scheduling;
  • Yard Management; Carrier On-boarding;
  • Outbound Consolidation; Truck Planning; Loading;
  • Dispatch; EDI Integration
Mantis WMS and 3PL Billing Design and Implementation
  • Location Hierarchy; Location Zones; Visual Warehouse Manager;
  • Pack Type Hierarchy; Putaway Algorithms; Dock to Stock;
  • Quality Inspection; Return Reasoning; Lot Genealogy; KIT Management;
  • Pick to Carts; Packing Carts; Pre-packing; Voice Picking; Pick to Light;
  • Sort to Light; Mini Loads; Stacker Cranes; High-bay Shelving;
  • Staging; Loading; Routing; Shipping;
  • Custom Report Builder; Application Dashboard
3PL / 4PL WMS and Billing Design and Implementation
  • Multi Company Operations Flow;
  • Cross company rack strategy;
  • Activity based billing;
  • Facility level work force management;
  • Company level task management
Labor Management Solutions Design and Implementation (Manhattan and Oracle)
  • Operational Design Activity & UOM Analysis;
  • Throughput Strategy; Labor Planning;
  • Engineering Labor Standards