ITOrizon understands rapid implementation of project and post implementation enhancements and fixes. Project success depends on quality and timeline adherence. Time after time, we have witnessed that adapting test automation in development cycle, implementation and support phases will increase the success rate and fasten the ROI.

We understand undertaking automation itself a separate project. We made that simple for our clients by developing a standardized Test Automation Platform – TUNA. Integrated platform testing is a breeze with TUNA

TUNA - The Test Automation Platform For Web & Mobile Applications



Endless Automation


Web Browsers

Unlike regular web application on desktop, Tuna allows the user to build test to perform mobile actions on the real browser on the devices or simulators / emulators.

Native Applications

Tuna uses Appium Java client implementations to call Android or iOS test library to perform the tests. The locators need to be manually fetched.

Hybrid Applications

Tuna inspects the elements using chrome or safari to identify the locators. Tuna uses the power of appium to run tests either local or in cloud environment.

Android and iOS

You can run your Tuna tests on android / iOS, any real devices or simulators / emulators, any versions of the devices either sequentially or in parallel.

Auto reruns & Failure Analysis

Rerun your failed tests

You can configure to rerun your failed or non-executed tests automated by which you can confirm the cause of the test failures.

Failure Analysis

Tuna provides possible cause of the failure like test data issue, environment outage, scripting breakage and/or development bug.

Database Validations

SQL Query Builder

Tuna provides highly simplified feature for the user to build the SQL queries using connected database tables/views at rapid pace.

Validate Data

User can integrate SQL queries with Tuna tests to validate the data correctness at runtime. The results will be reported as usual but without snaps.

Automated Emails

Configure your email list

You can configure any number of email distribution list for different teams. You can configure your SMTP addresses to send your mails.

Configure your emails

You can configure to trigger emails using your custom designed business scenario, email templates and notifications, retries.

TUNA was Successfully implemented for

  • Manhattan Associates SCM Solutions
  • Oracle SCM Solutions
  • ServiceNow
  • Sales Force
  • OpenTaps
  • SAP Fiori
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Play
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    TUNA - Unique Features

    Cross Browser

    Cloud Ready

    Pattern Model Scripting

    Open Stack

    Docker Integration

    Remote Machine Execution


    Action Model Scripting

    Scalable Nodes

    Cross Platform

    CI Tool Integration

    Defect Tracker Integration


    Flexible Scheduler

    Executive Reports

    Customer Feedback

    Christie Franzen
    Christie Franzen

    " Tuna is really great product and it helps us to run large tests before every build unlike before. The speed at which test scripts built surprised many of us. We never had another product like Tuna, and it is my favourite automation tool."

    Andrei Barabas
    Andrei Barabas

    " Tuna is *amazing* on every feature, right from artifact - page factory - to test results. We designed 500+ test scripts at no time and these run in 10+ different environments every night. It's your turn to enjoy! you.switchTo().tuna(); "

    Ashish Walavalkar
    Ashish Walavalkar

    " We were blessed to begin our test automation journey with Tuna. We could develop tests at the speed of 2-3 manual test execution time and those run parallel and multiple data. What else to ask from this great product?"

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